Søren Assenholt

Samarbjede med Sanne Flyvbjerg:


"Entreprenør / Hydremaskifte"

Samarbejde med Sanne Flyvbjerg

Naturmødet 2019, Hirtshals

"Homo Economicus (ordmaskine #4)

Samarbejde med Sanne Flyvbjerg

Naturmødet 2019, Hirtshals

"Linnés Labyrint" (Udsmykning af Nørre Aaby Skole)

Samarbejde med Sanne Flyvbjerg


"Slæbesugeren (kapitel 1-13) af Sanne Flyvbjerg

Samarbejde med Sanne Flyvbjerg

Naturmødet 2019, Hirtshals

"Anthropocentric Breakfast"

(NATURE – Home and Workplace)

Ljungbergmuseet, Sweden

Johannes Larsen Museet, Funen, Denmark

Social Oak Silhouette

Social Oak Silhouette builds on interviews with the staff at Fuglsang Kunstmuseum, who were asked to remember and describe the works of art that have been exhibited in the museum’s great hall since the opening of the museum. The piece lies like an incision across the room, as a silhouette, that shows my selection and interpretation of the various memories of the staff. If different sculptures are said to have been exhibited on the same spot in the hall, their figures overlap in the silhouette. The shaping of the figures varies according to the material of the original sculptures.

Site specific installation at Fuglsang Kunstmuseum, Lolland, Denmark

"Mindeværk - Hvidkilde savværk"

ModStrøm kulturfestival, Svendborg Kommune, Fyn

Permanent on display: Øhavsstien, Svendborg

"Planners & Searchers: Lady Alice"

"...[A]s the driver argued why he would not take me to the Ethnographic Museum, I imagined the current condition of the boat and where it might be in need of attention..."

The original boat, which the explorer Henry Morton Stanley in 1874 used to explore the Congo River, today rests in the courtyard of the Ethnographic Museum in Kinshasa, D.R. Congo.

As shown by Stanley’s own illustrations and notes, the boat could be broken down in to parts and thus carried over land by just twenty men.

Today "Lady Alice" is reportedly in a severe state of decay. The museum is located on a hill above the Congo River. The site is currently inaccessible to the public due to its strategic military significance.

Pladsen, Copenhagen

Académie des Beaux-Arts, Kinshasa, D.R. Congo

"Temporary on loan: 1 foot of the exhibition about craftmans guild"

The National Museum of Denmark

Brandts Museum of Art & Visual Culture


Asketræ fra Grib skov. Replika af den gamle altertavle fra Esrum kloster, dog kun med de protestantiske redigeringer.

"Continuous Improvement"

Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen

Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden